Hello dear visitors of our site!

My name is Valentina, I am a breeder and owner of the kennel KSU-FCI "Siberian Paradise".

Our nursery consists of a small number of dogs of the three lines of the TOP nurseries of the World Siberian Lady, Kaila's, Snowmist.

We are very grateful to the breeders Ice Blizzard siberians, Arctic Magic siberains, Zaltana siberians, Bosniak's siberians, Husky Haven siberians & Tobake's siberians for trust magnificent show sobak.My very much hope that our pets are excellent producers in Ukraine, with our help, to appear more more healthy, beautiful and breed dogs.


It all started, as in all, with love for the blue eyes ... so we did our founder and nursery Kiev asterisk Norochka after closer acquaintance with the breed, hasyachey cunning, love and devotion, which we were surrounded by Nora, we had two more dolls and beautiful Enya and Tina ....


Now we have seven dogs, from the famous nurseries of Europe, our shaggy muzzles are regular participants and prizewinners of exhibitions of the FCI system.


We do not breed dogs with a certain color and eye color!


The main goal of our kennel in the breeding of healthy and breed stock with a stable psyche and excellent temperament, excellent movement, bone and hair.


All our Husky and their children are full members of our family and are kept in a large area surrounded by Pine Forest on both sides of the site. We do not care about the future fate of our breeding puppies, so we are very careful about the choice of the future owners of our Lyubimok and do our best to find out information about potential buyers of their intentions and the conditions of detention .If you want to buy a puppy from us, please tell us about yourself as much as possible over !!



Pleasant viewing and pastime on our site

Yours faithfully, Valentina

They are...simply incredible!

You can not watch and not to be facsinated by them,

they capture you with theyr beauty!

Deep blue eyes…

they are like two deep lakes…

Theyr have tricky but friendly face,

They would never hurt a person…

Them and humans – are the one!

You understand them – they understand you!

They are Husky!